IWSFG Flushability Specifications

Products that meet the IWSFG flushability specifications are unlikely to cause harm to wastewater conveyance systems or treatment plants.  The IWSFG flushability specifications are available for use by product manufacturers, governmental organizations, and other entities that want to determine if products that are flushed are safe for wastewater infrastructure.

The three publicly available specification (PAS) documents together describe the the criteria that a product should meet to be compatible with being flushed down a toilet.  PAS 1 outlines the five criteria for a product to be labeled flushable: environmental protection, toilet and drain line clearance, disintegration, settling, and biodisintegration.  PAS 2 provides key definitions used in the specifications.  PAS 3 details the disintegration test procedures, since this is the only flushability test that is not effectively defined by other published methodologies.

The IWSFG PAS documents were first published in 2018, with updates made in November 2020.  The 2020 versions are available below in English (other languages may be available in the future).

2020 IWSFG Flushability Specification Documents

IWSFG PAS 1 – Criteria for Recognition as a Flushable Product

IWSFG PAS 2 – Terms and Definitions for Determination of Flushability

IWSFG PAS 3 – Disintegration Test Methods – Slosh Box

2018 IWSFG Flushability Specification Documents

A summary of the 2018 IWSFG flushability specifications, including a comparison to other flushability guidelines, is available here.  The PAS documents are available below in English, Japanese, and Spanish. Templates for recording results of the disintegration test described in PAS 3, are available below in English.

IWSFG PAS 1 – Criteria for Recognition as a Flushable Product: English, JapaneseSpanish

IWSFG PAS 2 – Terms and Definitions for Determination of Flushability: English, Japanese, Spanish

IWSFG PAS 3 – Disintegration Test Methods – Slosh Box: English, Japanese, Spanish

PAS 3, Annex 7 Report Template

PAS 3, Annex 7 Picture Report Template

To ensure that the flushability specifications are both realistic and accepted worldwide, the IWSFG published two draft versions for public comment.  Extensive comments were received from many organizations, and the IWSFG reviewed and addressed all comments.  Draft versions of the IWSFG flushability criteria, the public comments received, and IWSFG response to comments are available at the following links:

First Draft – July 2017

Second Draft – January 2018