IWSFG Membership

The IWSFG has three member categories:

  • Voting Members (national water services associations)
  • Non-Voting Water Services Associates (state/regional water service associations and individual water services or utilities)
  • Non-Voting Other Associates (other associations and entities that do not represent water services)

To join the IWSFG as a Voting Member, please email info@iwsfg.org and complete the MOU.  To join the IWSFG in one of the Associate categories, please email info@iwsfg.org.  The Articles of the IWSFG set out the governance of the Group.

Voting Members of the IWSFG:

 Non-Voting Water Services Associates:

Other Non-Voting Associates:

  • Swim Drink Fish Canada
  • Fatih Karadagli, Sakarya University, Turkey
  • Verdant Water, U.S.